VFNO 2012

Hi guys, are you ready once again for a new VFNO? Here in Milan is now almost everything ready, all the shops will join as always and you can experience a party atmosphere! just a few days ago I reused a gadget bought at the VFNO, it was the year 2010 … a shopping bag in gray sweatshirt with VFNO logo in blue, as you can see from my pictures below. What do you think? It was super nice and helpful, I used it even to the sea! Who knows what gadgets we will we see for this season 2012, the only way to find out is to live the night so… Good VFNO to all of you! Yours, Favola! xxx

Outfit: tshirt oversize OYSHO -  shopping bag VFNO – braid on hair TOPSHOP - sunglasses ASOS – shoes B-YOUNG

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